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What is a Memory Coach?

Once you have enrolled in the Enhance Protocol®, you will be assigned a personal Memory Coach. This special individual is your brain’s new best friend, cheerleader and champion! Your Memory Coach will be your primary point of contact with Mind Revive.

Memory Coach helping clients who want to prevent cognitive decline and help with concussion recovery

His or her primary responsibility is to help you implement the personalized recommendations of your Enhance Protocol® Roadmap Report, track your success, coordinate any special needs you may have, problem solve and provide resources. Your Memory Coach will help you interact successfully with your care partners, family members, other Mind Revive team members and your Primary Care Physician, as needed.

Your Memory Coach will help keep you on track with all aspects of The Enhance Protocol®, such as dietary changes, sleep optimization, supplementation as recommended, utilization of medical devices recommended as part of the protocol, and helping to plan and follow through with exercise that is appropriate for your preferences and abilities. Your Memory Coach will know you better than anyone on the team, and will share recipes, articles that may be of interest uniquely to you and your family, the latest research, and most of all – encouragement and cheerleading to support you in your journey to better and sustained cognitive health.

How do I contact my personal Memory Coach?

You and your Memory Coach will decide what is the preferred method of contact going forward. Whether you prefer in person, phone calls, emails, online video conferencing - he or she will conform to your needs. You will have email and phone contact information for your Memory Coach, and you are encouraged to reach out at any time with questions, concerns, ideas or requests for specific resources and support. Your Memory Coach can even “virtually” shop with you via smart phone in the grocery store if that would provide you with care and guidance!

How often should I communicate with my personal Memory Coach?

Your Memory Coach will utilize your Participant Questionnaire to gather much information about you, your current health issues, your history, personal preferences, likes and dislikes, and your goals for improved cognitive health. As soon as you have your personalized Roadmap Report, you and your Memory Coach will work together to help you begin following any lifestyle recommendations for diet, exercise, supplementation, sleep and brain training. As you progress, we encourage weekly contact at a minimum, but this is tailored to each participant. If you prefer to be more autonomous, that will of course be honored. If you need a little more one-on-one time with your coach, that is the direction we will take.

Our main goal in providing you with a personal Memory Coach is to make this process easier and to ensure a greater level of success. We want to not only meet but exceed your expectations at all times.

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