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First Steps

The first step is your free 30 minute consultation to learn more about Mind Revive and their personalized services.  

Maintaining brain clarity, eliminating brain fog, stopping cognitive decline, and recovering a vibrant and functional brain are only a step away. 


Apple Picking


The next step is to complete a comprehensive assessment to determine cognitive functioning along with advanced tools for eye tracking and balance assessment to measure neurological functioning.  You will also complete an extensive panel of blood work.  We  analyze for any nutrient and hormone deficiencies, inflammatory markers, toxic exposures, and metabolic problems that need to be addressed to ensure optimal brain health. 

Road to Monument Valley

Customized Roadmap

Your assessment results guide us in developing an Enhance Protocol® Road Map.  The Enhance Protocol® Road Map outlines how to get from where you are to a place of better cognitive functioning.  The Enhance Protocol® Road Map includes suggestions on addressing infections, nutritional deficits, hormone replacement, lifestyle and dietary changes and many other factors that are impacting your brain. 

Friends On A Walk

No one goes on the journey alone....

Once your Enhance Protocol® Road Map is in place and a starting point established you will be assigned a Memory Coach to help you implement the Enhance Protocol® daily, in real time. Part of the coaching, unless you are virtual, will include setting up a regular schedule to visit the Therapy studio, two to three times a week to boost overall function.  You can also check in with your support team, receive guidance and track progress.  Mind Revive will re-check sub-optimal lab values, re-test cognitive functioning, and update the treatment plan on a quarterly basis.

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