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Personal Services

One size does not fit all....

.....especially when approaching brain health.  The Mind Revive approach starts by focusing on what you are noticing.  Then we gather results from a variety of assessments, document targeted lab work and recommend specific life-style interventions.   All of this is drawn together in a customized Enhance Protocol® Road Map.  At Mind Revive we believe this is your journey and you need your Road Map.

Senior Woman

 The human body is a complex machine. Often times multiple systems are affected that contribute to issues with cognition. This is why the current efforts of trying to find a singular drug to treat a multi system problem have been failing.  At Mind Revive we address the brain as part of a whole system, and our interventions reflect that. 

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Mind Revive offers the following Private Client Services.

The Enhance Protocol®

  • Cognitive Evaluations

  • Life and Health History Review

  • Care Partner Education & Coaching

  • Resourcing

  • Care Plan Consultation and Guidance

  • Educational Programming

  • Support


Our protocol is not limited to those who already have been told they have cognitive decline, or have received a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia. Have you noticed increased brain fog, or personality changes? Or maybe you simply want to perform at your highest level? There is no right age to begin focusing on brain health. Whatever stage in life you are, we are here to assist you in regaining what has been lost. 

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What we offer:

Filling Out a Medical Form

Individualized Protocol

Based on your personal health history and labwork, a custom Roadmap Report will be generated just for you.  When combined with individual coaching and therapy devices will help you truly optimize your brain health.

Video Consultation

Customized Support

Whatever your need, be it  education on how to help a loved one with dementia, or finding answers to your own cognitive concerns, Mind Revive is your compassionate resource to aide you in achieving your 


Helping Hand

Personal Coaching

Our coaches will aide you implement the personalized recommendations of your Enhance Protocol Roadmap Report, track your success, coordinate any special needs you may have, problem solve and provide resources.


Education and Support for Families

Navigating the increasingly complex healthcare system can be overwhelming.  Internet searches can leave you feeling lost and struggling.

  • What things should I be planning for?

  • Where is my loved one in the disease process?

  • Should I be considering professional help?

  • How do I pay for care?

    • And this is just beginning of a lengthy list.

Your memory coach is ready to help you decode the complex and provide you with insight.


At Mind Revive, we believe that education changes lives – especially when a person is struggling to understand what is happening to their brain or struggling with a diagnosis.  We provide the coaching (this is linked to What if you are taking care of someone with ALZ or dementia) training, and resources you or families need to make solid decisions.

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