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Remote Services


You may live many miles from the Mind Revive office. That is okay.  We can explore various remote options.  We provide virtual Coaching that will guide you using your individualized Enhance Protocol® Road Map. You can schedule a time to come for your initial consultation, cognitive assessment and lab draws.  We may even come to you! 


We will develop the Enhance Protocol® and then connect with you to provide your evaluation results and recommendations through Zoom or Google.  We will provide ongoing coaching through these platforms. You just need to have access to a computer with a camera and microphone. 


The remote option can be part of any plan.  Maybe you are a snowbird, and it is essential you continue building on your progress.  That is okay, we will link with you.  There is no guarantee we may not be jealous of you sitting in your shorts and sandals while we watch the snow blow by.  To explore this option contact us today.   

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