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The Caregiver Minute™

Eric Collett from our partner studio A Mind For All Seasons in Boise, Idaho has created the caregiver minute as an essential training tool for caregivers. Whether you are caring for a loved one with dementia, or you work in a care setting such as an assisted living community, these daily, 5 minutes videos are a wealth of knowledge and information. 

Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair

Many family member and caregivers know how challenging it is to care for someone living with dementia, and they understand the value of great training. Caregivers often struggle to find the time and resources to learn how to make the biggest difference for themselves and those they serve. When you sign up for the Caregiver Minute, you will receive a free video into your inbox every weekday morning. These videos are designed to share one idea or technique or concept that you can immediately put into practice. They will help you refine your skills, gain inspiration and better prepare to serve those you care about.

By doing this everyday, you will gain at least 22 additional hours of training in a year! Signing up is easy, just click on the link above and input your email address and join a community of caregivers who are learning together one step at a time. 

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