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Your Brain Health Headquarters

Mind Revive is your brain headquarters.  We are a resource you can turn to for the latest tools, therapeutic devices, guidance, programs, and insight necessary to protect and enhance your most important asset:  YOUR BRAIN.

Mind Revive has have partnered with A Mind For All Seasons located in Boise, Idaho to license the Enhance Protocol®, created by Eric Collett  and Randy Vawdry. Their expertise and ongoing research bring another layer of assurance and confidence to the process.


According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there are currently 6.2 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease.  That number is on target to triple between 2050 and 2060. 

By the time a person reaches 65 years of age, 2 out of 9 have Alzheimer’s.  In fact, latest research indicates that well over 10 years before the first symptoms appear (as Mild Cognitive Impairment) the disease is already at work in the brain.  By the time a person reaches 85 over 32% will have Alzheimer’s and that number is increasing.

Present medications only manage symptoms or reduce existing Amyloid Plaque.  New medications can cost as much as $52,000 a year, must be administered by IV and require monitoring through brain scans.

The prevailing understanding has been that there is no cure, and Alzheimer’s takes no hostages.  All die!

Memory Care

Most people describe memory care as a specific type of long-term care setting geared toward the unique needs of people who are living with Alzheimer’s disease or other types of dementia. Memory care communities are usually secured environments to prevent wandering and may include fenced outdoor spaces, activity programs geared toward people with dementia, increased staffing, and other supportive features.


At Mind Revive, we view memory care quite differently. You can begin today to engage in ‘memory care.’


Within a day or two of contacting Mind Revive you could be a part of an Enhance Protocol®.  You will complete a series of baseline cognitive assessments to get a clear picture on your brain’s present functionality.  You will have a broad panel of blood work to determine what is contributing to your symptoms.  Then you are assigned a memory coach who will walk you through a specially prepared, highly personalized, and comprehensive report that is like the user manual to your body.

Your memory coach helps you learn how to eat in a brain healthy way that supplements your needs based on your lab results.  The coach will talk to you about your hormone levels and may encourage you to have a conversation with your physician about hormone replacement.  They will review indications of infection and even toxins…all the areas that impact your brain health.

You have a check in with your memory coach every week to help you stay on track and celebrate your accomplishments.  They may even have you come to the brain center to use therapeutic devices shown to improve brain function.

Every three months your memory coach re-checks your cognitive functioning to measure progress and helps you to complete blood work in areas where you need improvement.  At that point, you will receive a new treatment plan and continue working to improve.


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In short – Mind Revive is like a complete center for brain health.  It is a one-stop location for everything you need to take care of your brain and the brains of those you love.

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