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Scott's Story...

Scott has witnessed first-hand the devastation caused by cognitive decline.  As a Behavior Analyst he worked to improve the quality of life for those impacted by Traumatic Brain Injury.  Individuals that had treated others in their medical careers,  or had run successful businesses, or taught in schools suddenly discovered they were unable to complete a simple task.  Sadly, most found their friends began to distance themselves and find excuses not to get together.  They lost their beloved careers and businesses and some even lost their family.   

Scott was given a new client and that encounter changed his destiny.  The client was a man that had experienced a work-related concussion.  After the concussion the man went on with his life,  however, bit-by-bit, daily life became more challenging.  Now, this man lived in an Assisted Living.  In the Assisted Living Scott began to realize that the majority of the residents were facing similar struggles managing activities of daily living.  The only difference was the cause – Alzheimer’s.

Within a few months of this encounter Scott made a career change and became the Executive Director of a 48 resident memory care community.  When he stepped into his new role very little was known about Alzheimer’s and various other forms of dementia.  Many of the residents had been ‘abandoned’ by loved ones who had no idea on how to connect in a meaningful way.  Care-givers received about 4-6 hours of training and were sent to the floor with a ‘good-luck’.  All that changed.  As Scott puts it, 

“The best trainers I’ve ever had on Alzheimer’s and dementia were 

my first residents.  I’m so grateful for their patience with me and for 

allowing me to enter their world.”

As an Executive Director of Memory Care Communities, Scott has provided care to hundreds of struggling residents and guidance to their care-partners.  He had been a Community Educator for the Alzheimer’s Association where he has had the opportunity to help bring practical information to hundreds of participants.

Scott also developed a series called, “A Journey Through Memory Care.”  Continuing Education Credit for Social Workers, Nurses and other medical professionals has opened deeper understanding and equipped them to better serve their clients and patients.  

Anyone that hangs around Scott soon discovers that helping people with various forms of cognitive decline is a passion.  Scott has a recurring mantra:

“We can do better.  We must do better.”

Alzheimer’s has a 0% rate of recovery – until now.  Scott is convinced that NOW we can enhance cognition and reverse cognitive decline at any age.  NOW we can see the first survivors of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s.  

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