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The Roadmap Report

Your path through life is unique, so helping you improve your cognitive and physical functioning must be based on your unique situation. Upon competition of your specialized lab work and comprehensive assessments, your individualized Roadmap Report will be created for you by our medical director, Randy Vawdrey.

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This individualized evaluation of your brain health will give you invaluable insight into which of the various cognitive categories (as detailed by Dr. Bredesen) are contributing to your symptoms of cognitive decline. The Roadmap Report offers comprehensive, custom-made interventions to address the characteristics that are driving your symptoms. Think of it like the user manual to your body.

 The Roadmap includes a 3-month plan for nutritional education, lifestyle counseling, and hormone, and nutrient optimization. You may choose to implement the entire plan all at once OR you may want to take baby steps.  The choice is yours.  Every three months we will re-check areas we have been working on, update your Roadmap and prepare a new daily checklist to help you continue to progress.

Cognitive changes begin occurring 10-20 years before someone may notice changes or receive a diagnosis.  Undoing years of decline may seem like a daunting challenge.  However, the brain and body are designed to heal and will heal.   The greatest journeys often start with just a single step.

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